A Good reason to Use us Over Our Competitors

It is often reported to us that  their are many companies that will give you an initial hugely over inflated price for your van and then systematically pick it it pieces once they are with you, the items they are picking in truth are always what you will find on any USED commercial vehicle and in our opinion for fairness to the customer should always be factored into to the original quote. It is a story we here every day and although sometimes our up front honesty may cost us making some appointments we are glad we can say that we have and will never miss lead anyone in order  to make an appointment to buy their vehicle:

The Below customer testimonial is completely independent and exactly what was supplied to us from a customer who used our service,

From: Jamie Hall

Postcode: CB9

Star Rating: ***** 5/5


great company, paid what they quoted unlike We buy any van who penalised me for almost everything: missing wheel trim£30, £15 for a chip in the windscreen, £150 as I only had 1 key, £150 per dent and £75 to receive my money in 24 hours  etc etc . I was quoted £1800 originally and once i was their it was less than £800

so i went with sell my van who i would highly recommend as they were honest and punctual and had no hidden feed or agendas.

We quoted Jamie £1200-1250 before he had visited the above company. Upon going to view the van we found it in large as it  was described and what we would expect to see for a used commercial vehicle of its age and mileage.

We Paid him £1200

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